For me, blogging doesn’t come naturally. It never has. Back in the day I used to have a personal blog where I would bitch and moan about all of life’s little problems.

I was a teenager. Life’s little problems meant my baby brother had done something to annoy me.

Well, now I’m stuck. I’ve been stuck before – in the writing sense of the word, anyway. Stuck is that moment when you look at the project you have to complete and dread it. Stuck is when the characters that typically rule your head are oddly silent. Stuck is when you just don’t care about the thing you once loved.

Sometimes it takes a few days, and sometimes it takes a few months before I feel “unstuck”. Normally I just shrug it off and say: “Oh, it’ll be back before I know it!” but this time is different. I miss it. I miss every bit of writing, but yet I can’t bring myself to think for too long. If I do, I get a headache. Writing literally has been giving me headaches. I’ve not written a thing to my current project in almost three weeks. Editing my rough draft has come along okay, but it’s still a pain at times. There is often a lot of sighing, or frustrated groans when I sit at the computer to write. I’m so ready to get back into the groove of it, and yet I’m not sure where I left my groove.

How does one get their groove back? Maybe I should as an emperor.

Oh well…time to get back to the grind!

Oh, and Happy 3rd Anniversary to my Husband, who’s always been there to listen to my frustration, my excitement, and even my insanity when it comes to my writing. I love you, dear!